My name is Juan Carlos Chediak Jr. and I am the CEO of the nonprofit organization called “Motivation4Lyfe”. The inspiration behind Motivation4Lyfe stems from my personal struggles as well as my family and friends’ distress from the fact that I was suffering.

My goal is to raise awareness in the local community not just for those who struggle with depression, anxiety, or any sort of mental health condition, but especially for those who are not aware, do not understand, and truly do not know what one going through these issues feels or comprehends on a day to day basis. In order to help promote my nonprofit organization I also created a club basketball team that allows us to host as well as participate in events that give us the opportunity to not only raise awareness for our cause, but to genuinely help those who may be in need of assistance with whatever issue he or she may be going through.

My club basketball team is a dream come true. We’re working hard towards our dreams, raising awareness for a great cause, and doing it all in proper fashion. We got a God given group of guys ready to represent not only our cause, but themselves, and one another. I’m inspired every day to give it my all. The club team and myself are ready and willing to provide services to those in sixth grade and above, such as motivational speaking, or pep talks to allow people to open up about how they truly feel, or at least react and respond to what it is that is being presented for a good learning lesson. We will also introduce, and intergrade basketball into the presentation in terms of how it can change people’s lives for the better, maybe even the best. And this concept can be applied to any sport, or attribute of life if done correctly. Mental health is indeed a real concern, and topic of conversation that is not spoken of or incorporated enough in today’s society. We will conclude our presentations with brief summaries of the information previously shown, and will open up the floor for questions from our audience with kindness, respect, and moral character. Please give us the opportunity to help, and make a legitimate difference for the best in our community.

Juan Carlos Chediak Jr.
CEO Motivation4Lyfe

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